Asr Packet Forwarding Infrastructure
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Provides a number of components for packet forwarding on the ASR 9 platform. Most of these relate to control-plane and data-plane.


  • Stands for Packet Forwarding Infrastructure (PFI).
  • PFI is made up of a number of components such as:
    • Interface Manager (IM) - responsible for the management of interfaces such as protocol or MTU. IM is involved in the creation, deletion, state and maximum transmission unit (MTU) changes, activation, and deactivation of interfaces and the protocols and encapsulations running on them. One process is im_interface_encap. Relevant only to individual card.
    • Execution Agent (EA) - is a platform-specific encapsulation chain building component for an interface in hardware and optionally in NetIO (process switching).
    • Distributed Interface Manager (IMD) - Collects summary information for all interfaces over all line cards.
    • Management Agent (MA) - an application that uses PFI to create interfaces, add capsulations, and add protocols; it also uses PFI to manage the data path through control messages.
    • Driver Infrastructure (DIv2) - generic driver infrastructure used by individual drivers to discover and create physical interfaces.
  • IM and IMD commands: clear interface, encapsulation, interface, dampening, mtu, shutdow, show interface, show dampening.


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