ASR Processes


IOS XR is a distributed system with a number of processes. This section highlights most common processes and their functionality.


  • The IOS-XR operating system run on a Microkernel from QNX Software Systems, and is called Neutrino. QNX specializes in Real Time Operating System design.
  • As a comparison to IOS, IOS runs only one process and has a thread for each function such as OSPF, BGP….etc.
  • QNX is a message passing operating system.

System Manager

  • Is the central entity which manages all of other processes, such as starting, monitoring, restarting, terminating or core dumping.
  • System manger work during process bootup, RP failover, software activation and responding to router configuration.
  • sysmgr is the process name.
  • It has a number of CLI commands which can be run at each line card, these include:
    • process restart
    • process shutdown
    • process start
    • process crash


  • Stand for WatchDog System Monitor
  • Used to detect process hanging or memory conditions.
  • Has a very high priority, higher than most processes. Since the kernel has priority scheduling, it will execute it over others.
  • "A hang can be the result of a number of conditions such as process deadlocks, infinite loops, kernel lockups or scheduling errors. "


  • Stands for network IO.
  • It is the process switching forwarding functionality of ip packets.


  • Stands for Group Services Process.
  • Multicasting protocol using within the ASR platform to communicate between nodes.
  • GSP is a reliable group communication, which is connectionless with asynchronous semantics (one to many).


  • Responsible for the BGP protocol.
  • Process is only operational on the RPs.


  • Responsible for LDP protocol.
  • Process is only operational on the RPs.

Relevant Commands

Show process bgp

show process bgp

monitor processes

Unix equivalent of the "top" command.

monitor processes

Show process

Show detail info on a process.

show process (process name)

Additional Resources

CRS-1 and IOS XR Operational Best Practices - Cisco Support


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