BGP Selective Route Download


Selective Route Download is a feature that optimizes the out of band BGP Route Reflectors, by not installing all of the reflected routes into the RIB and FIB.

Selective Route Download

  • Out of band Router Reflectors are only used for control plane, no data traffic is forwarded through them.
  • Uses a table-map to filter which prefixes are installed in the BGP routing table.
  • Only works for IPv4 address family.
  • Make sure to install in the RIB any prefixes that are required to perform NEXT_HOP resolution on other BGP routes. This usually could be the directly connected interfaces for edge links. A quick way to accomplish that is to tag these with a community string and permit it in the table-map's route-map.

Additional Resources

Selective Route Download - IP Routing IOS 15S.


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