Bundle Ethernet


ARS9k allow for bundling of interfaces into one logical interface. Ethernet and POS interfaces can be bundled. This document provides overview of the Ethernet bundling.

Bundle Ethernet

  • Cisco's other platform call it Etherchannel or Port-channel.
  • Bundle-Ethernet is the interface used for bundling Ethernet interfaces at the ASR9K platform.
  • Each bundle can have at minimum one link and maximum of 64 links.
  • Each bundle has one MAC address, one IP address and these QoS and ACL configuration for all the member links.
  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 bundles are supported.
  • Release 4.0.0 started support for MLAG.
  • Release 5.1.2 started the support for mix speed bundle members.
  • Two methods of configuring it, LACP and Cisco proprietary (does not provide any misconfiguration detection as LACP does).
  • Bundles can span across line cards and chassis (using MLAG).
  • CDP works independently of each link.
  • Bundle MAC addresses in the Cisco ASR 9000 Series Router come from a set of reserved MAC addresses in the backplane.


  • Basic configuration of an Bundle-Ethernet:
    1. Create the logical bundle-ether interface.
    2. Configure the bundle-ether interface with IP and subnet.
    3. Add link interfaces to the bundle with bundle-id (number) command.
  • Basic configuration Example:
  • Optional Features
  • VLAN Bundles


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