CRS1 Multi Shelf System


CRS Multi Self system allows the CRS platform to significantly scale by interconnecting multiple chassis as one.

Architectural Overview

  • CRS Multi-Self is made of the the following components:
    • Line Card Chassis (LLC) - Single CRS chassis.
    • Fabric Card Chassis (FCC) - Fabric chassis interconnecting other LLCs.
    • S13 fabric cards - fabric card on the LLC interconnecting to the FCC.
    • S2 fabric cards and Optical Interface Modules (OIM) - fabric card on the FCC.
    • Fabric array cables
  • Minimal configuration is to have one LLC and one FCC which is called 1+1 system.


  • LLC can operate as an individual chassis .
  • It is made of the following components:
    • Modular Service Cards (MSC)
    • Physical Layer Interface Modules (PLIM) -
    • S13 Fabric Cards (SFC)
    • Route Processor (RP)
    • Distributed Route Processor (DRP)
  • LLC have their own cooling and power units.


  • FCC is made of the following components:

Three Stage Architecture

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