NET identifies each ISIS router.

Network Entity Title

  • NET is in a type of an NSAP, but with n-selector set to 00. It is the address of the network entity. Usually NSAP identifies a host with network services, similar to a socket (IP src/dst and port src/dst).
  • NET Format
AF Area Address System ID NSEL
1 byte 1-13 bytes 6 bytes 1 byte
  • A common practice is to use the loopback address as part of the router's NET. For example a NET with a router using loopback0's IP address and belonging to area 1, would like like:
AF Area Loopback NSEL
49. 0001. 1921.6810.0010. 00
  • .49 is designated as a private range.

Relevant Commands


R1(config-router)#        network (net value)

Show clns

show clns

Show clns protocol

show clns protocol


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