IS IS Point To Point


IS-IS has network types similar to OSPF. This page describes the behavior of point to point circuit type.

Point to Point

  • No DIS election is done on point to point.
  • Cisco recommend using point to point type for better convergence.

LSP Flooding

  • L1 and L2 LSPs are directly sent to the neighbor.
  • Each LSP has to be acked by PSNP. If one is not acked, the retransmit timer will trigger a retransmit.
  • Retransmission can be modified using isis retransmit-interval command.

Relevant Commands

isis retransmit-interval

R1(config-if)#        isis retransmit-interval (sec)

isis network point-to-point

R1(config-if)#        isis network point-to-point


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