MPLS TE Attribute Flag


Attribute flag is an implementation of coloring. TE links have different custom colors used to describe paths for TE custom policies.

Attribute Flags

  • Attribute flags can define 32 different properties of a link.
  • Example of these could be a property for a burstable circuit, satellite links, low-latency links, domestic links…etc (see table for these arbitrary values).
Name Attribute-flag Hex Attribute-flag Binary
Burstable 0x1 …0001
Satelite 0x2 …0010
Low-latency 0x4 …0100
Domestic 0x8 …1000
  • Tunnels can have affinity mask configured to define which flags have to match for a path to be eligible for a particular tunnel.
  • To configure a tunnel to only select circuit that are low-latency and domestic:


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