MPLS TE Path Bandwidth


Bandwidth of a TE tunnel can be included as a path setup option. Paths that have enough available bandwidth for reservation will pass the Constrained-Based Shortest Path First (CSPF).

Path Bandwidth

  • By default, when enabling the RSVP TE feature 0 Kbps is reserved for RSVP. Make sure to enable the correct amount or 75% of the interface's bandwidth is set under each MPLS TE interface.
  • This feature only works under the control plane. It does not enforce or measure any actual data plane bandwidth going through the tunnel.
  • To control the bandwidth, use policing on the tunnel's head end.
  • Bandwidth requirements of each tunnel is calculated per each priority group. There are 8 total priorities see MPLS-TE-Path-Setup-Priority-Hold for details of the feature.
  • In Cisco's implementation the available BW of only current and lower priorities is subtracted. Higher priorities (lower values) don't change to allow higher priority tunnels to take preference. See example below.
  • The priority values in the output of sh ip ospf mpls traffic-eng link is in bytes per second.
      Priority 0 : 125000       Priority 1 : 125000
      Priority 2 : 125000       Priority 3 : 125000
      Priority 4 : 125000       Priority 5 : 62500    <----- bytes per second
      Priority 6 : 62500        Priority 7 : 62500

Relevant Commands

ip rsvp bandwidth

R1(config-if)#        ip rsvp bandwidth [kbps]

tunnel mpls traffic-engineering bandwidth

Defines the required reservation bandwidth value for the TE Tunnel. Configured under the tunnel's interface configuration mode.

R1(config-if)#        tunnel mpls traffic-engineering bandwidth  [kbps]

Show mpls traffic-eng topology

Shows TE topological information such as bandwidth used per each priority on a TE link.

show mpls traffic-eng topology

Show ip ospf mpls traffic-eng link

Shows the OSPF TE information per attached links.

show ip ospf mpls traffic-eng link


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