MPLS TE Path Setup Priority Hold


MPLS TE Tunnels have priority for establishing new tunnels and maintaining the current active ones. Priority and hold control these settings.

Setup and Holding Priority

  • This is feature is mostly used with the MPLS-TE-Path-Bandwidth.
  • There are 8 setup priorities and holding priorities, 0 to 7.
    • 0 is the most preferred.
    • 7 is the least preferred (default).
  • Most common configuration is to set the same value for the setup and the holding priority.
  • More preferred tunnel preempts less preferred tunnels.
  • The setup priority is used to define preference for preempting less preferred tunnels. In other words, more preferred tunnels can push other tunnels out of the way.
  • The holding priority is used to define a priority maintaining the currently established tunnel. In other words you can have a tunnel that once is establish you never want it to go down, but only establish it if there is plenty of resources. In that case you could configure setup priority 7 and holding priority 0, that way the tunnel will never get preempted once established.
  • To check the current priority of a tunnel use the command show mpls traffic-eng tunnels tunnel x.
R2# sh mpls traffic-eng tunnels tunnel 36 | i [Pp]riority
    Bandwidth: 500      kbps (Global)  Priority: 5  5   Affinity: 0x0/0xFFFF
  • Most CLIs will not allow you to configure a tunnel where the holding priority is more preferred than the setup priority. This could cause a situation of a loop between two tunnels preempting each other over and over.
  • Higher bandwidth tunnels should have a more preferred setup and hold priority. They might be harder to establish by passing all constraints over smaller tunnels that might have more options.

Relevant Commands

tunnel mpls traffic-eng priority

Under the interface configuration mode of a tunnel, priority setup and holding priority can be configured. If holding value is skipped, it take the setup value.

R1(config-if)#        tunnel mpls traffic-eng priority (setup) [holding]


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