Multi-VRF Selection Using PBR


Multi-VRF Selection Using PBR feature uses PBR to select which VRF to select for a defined traffic on an interface.

Multi-VRF Selection Using PBR

  • This can be thought of an interface having membership into multiple VRFs. The PBR selects which VRF.
  • PBR can match on packet length or ACL to forward traffic to a VRF.
  • Along with regular PBR commands, this feature add set vrf.
  • For any VRFs specified in a PBR, a corresponding ip vrf receive (vrf) command has to be applied on the interface with the PBR applied.
  • This is an IOS only feature. IOS-XR uses ABF.
  • IP VRF forwarding can not be configure on the interface with PBR applied using this feature.

Relevant Commands

set vrf

In the route-map sets the vrf.

R1(config-route-map)#        set vrf (vrf)

ip vrf receive

Configures a receive vrf that has to correspond to the vrfs set in PBR.

R1(config-if)#        ip vrf receive (vrf)

show ip policy

Shows the current PBR configured.

show ip policy

Show route-map

Shows the PBR and number of packets routed using the PBR.

show route-map

Additional Resources

Multi-VRF Selection Using Policy Based Routing (PBR) - Cisco 12.2 SR


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