MPLS VPN Retain Route-Target


On VPNv4 route reflectors, retain route-target is an RPL attachment point use for filtering which route-targets should be retained in the RIB.

Retain Route-Target

  • By default route reflectors will hold all VPNv4 prefixes even with route-targets not locally imported.
  • Using this feature only selected route-targets can be retained in the RIB and reflected out to clients.
  • This feature is attached under bgp address-family vpnv4 of the bgp process.
  • Only applicable to IOS-XR.
  • Can also be used on ASBRs to import route-targets not locally defines in Inter-AS MPLS topology using Option B. Without setting retain route-target all on ASBRs no VPNv4 will be advertised to neighboring AS.

Relevant XR Commands

retain route-target route-policy

RP/0/0/CPU0:XR1(config-bgp-af)#  retain route-target route-policy (RPL)

retain route-target all

Default configuration to retain all RTs.

RP/0/0/CPU0:XR1(config-bgp-af)#  retain route-target all


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