Peering Ixf


This document talks about Internet eXchange Federation database and its api access. This is place to create a standardize ID system for IXPs.

API Access

  • Gets a list of all ixp data.
  • Gets a list of a specific ixp id 20.
    "meta": {

    "data": [{
        "url": "",
        "id": 20,
        "status": "active",
        "created": "2011-08-16T13:26:29Z",
        "updated": "2014-02-07T18:09:01Z",
        "short_name": "INEX",
        "full_name": "Internet Neutral Exchange Association",
        "city": "Dublin",
        "country": "IE",
        "lat": 53.3494,
        "lon": -6.26008,
        "public_stats_url": "",
        "stats_image_url": "",
        "peeringdb_handle": "48",
        "members": {


Additional Resources

IX-F Main Homepage


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