QoS Policy Propagation BGP


QPPB allow to use BGP attribute information for QoS policy assignment which can be used for egress QoS.


  • Applies to IPv4 and IPv6 address family.
  • Example policy might be to mark all packet arriving from AS100 to IPP3 vs AS200 IPP1.
  • Can use IP Precedence or QoS Groups.


  1. Create a policy to match routes and set their to a QoS group and/or IP Precedent.
  2. Attach the policy to the BGP instance.
  3. Configure ingress interface with QPPB policy.

Additional Resources

ASR9000 Implementing QoS Policy Propagation BGP
[* https://kb.juniper.net/InfoCenter/index?page=content&id=KB9298 Using destination-class to achieve the QoS Policy Propagation via BGP (QPPB)]


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