VPN L2 VC Types


IANA holds a registry of virtual connection types. This document discusses it.

L2 VC Types

  • VC types are used to defined pseudowire types.
  • Some examples of it Frame Relay or Ethernet.
PW Type     Description     Reference
0x0001     Frame Relay DLCI ( Martini Mode )     [RFC4619]
0x0002     ATM AAL5 SDU VCC transport     [[ATM]]
0x0003     ATM transparent cell transport     [RFC4717]
0x0004     Ethernet Tagged Mode     [RFC4448]
0x0005     Ethernet     [RFC4448]
0x0006     HDLC     [RFC4618]
0x0007     PPP     [RFC4618]
0x0008     SONET/SDH Circuit Emulation Service Over MPLS Encapsulation     [RFC5143]
0x0009     ATM n-to-one VCC cell transport     [RFC4717]
0x000A     ATM n-to-one VPC cell transport     [RFC4717]
0x000B     IP Layer2 Transport     [RFC3032]
0x000C     ATM one-to-one VCC Cell Mode     [RFC4717]
0x000D     ATM one-to-one VPC Cell Mode     [RFC4717]
0x000E     ATM AAL5 PDU VCC transport     [RFC4717]
0x000F     Frame-Relay Port mode     [RFC4619]
0x0010     SONET/SDH Circuit Emulation over Packet     [RFC4842]
0x0011     Structure-agnostic E1 over Packet     [RFC4553]
0x0012     Structure-agnostic T1 (DS1) over Packet     [RFC4553]
0x0013     Structure-agnostic E3 over Packet     [RFC4553]
0x0014     Structure-agnostic T3 (DS3) over Packet     [RFC4553]
0x0015     CESoPSN basic mode     [RFC5086]
0x0016     TDMoIP AAL1 Mode     [RFC5087]
0x0017     CESoPSN TDM with CAS     [RFC5086]
0x0018     TDMoIP AAL2 Mode     [RFC5087]
0x0019     Frame Relay DLCI     [RFC4619]
0x001A     ROHC Transport Header-compressed Packets     [RFC5795][RFC4901]
0x001B     ECRTP Transport Header-compressed Packets     [RFC3545][RFC4901]
0x001C     IPHC Transport Header-compressed Packets     [RFC2507][RFC4901]
0x001D     cRTP Transport Header-compressed Packets     [RFC2508][RFC4901]
0x001E     ATM VP Virtual Trunk     ["The Use of Virtual Trunks for ATM/MPLS Control Plane Interworking Specification", MFA Forum 9.0.0, MFA Forum, February 2006.]
0x001F     FC Port Mode     [RFC6307]


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